Mission Statement

The Plympton Historical Society was organized to assemble, identify and preserve material concerning the history of Plympton and such portions of adjacent towns that once were part of Plympton. Items of interest concerning its landmarks, its people, their occupations and crafts, their dwellings and possessions, customs and events of their times will be preserved in an interesting and worthy manner.

2019 Board Members
Jill Palenstijn, President
Jennifer Macdonald, Vice President
Kathryn Shepard, Treasurer
Stephanie Teran, Director
Mike Lemieux, Director
Jon Wilhemsen, Director

PHS History

Plympton, Massachusetts saw its first settlers in 1662, and was eventually incorporated  as a town in 1707 making it one of New England's oldest communities.  Many years later in 1952,  nineteen civic minded community members saw fit to create an historic society aimed at maintaining the town's history for future generations; and thus begins the story of the Plympton Historical Society.

For more than sixty years the PHS has been charged with the preservation of  a plethora of notable materials and collections which relate to the town's history.  Since 1975 the PHS has been located at the site of the "Old Town House" on Main Street, where it houses a variety of documents and artifacts that tell story of Plympton's long New England history.

Throughout the years the PHS has hosted a variety of community events which include Artisans fairs, house tours, "Christmas Past" celebrations, and awards ceremonies.  In 2018 we will strive to find ways to engage members of the community of all ages by introducing some new programs while maintaining previously established traditions.

The society is available for use by community members for meetings and private parties.

We welcome and encourage your input and invite you to join us in preserving this lovely community's past.